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White Skunk Feminized by White Label is a 65% indica, 35% sativa cannabis strain, which offers excellent yields. It produces low-maintenance feminized plants, which makes them easier to grow. This means these cannabis seeds are a good option for beginners, and those on a budget. The citrus flavour and relaxing, yet stimulating effect are other key features of this strain.

We are pleased to introduce "The White" CBG strain.

Purple Bud Automatic is a feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain. Purple Bud Automatic performs well inside or out, and even grows in colder climates. The effect is potent: relaxing, yet cerebral and uplifting too.

White Skunk Automatic by White Label is a skunk cannabis strain that is both feminized and autoflowering, which makes it easy to grow. The 35% sativa, 65% indica plants will thrive in most climates, both indoors and outside. They produce plentiful yields with minimal time or effort. The effects are classic skunk: an uplifting, happy buzz blended with a welcome sense of relaxation.

Sensi Skunk Automatic is the logical next development of the Skunk line that takes our name. The result is a robust, easy-to-grow strain that quickly and reliably yields great results. This autoflowering cannabis strain is popular for its fresh citrus flavour, which brings a smile to the faces even of those familiar with Skunk. Just some of the reasons why Sensi Skunk Automatic has been acknowledged with several international awards.

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