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Help a child realize the security of permanent shelter. Help homeless families transition from homelessness.

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Group for feedback on the overall site, improvement suggestions and notifications of updates.
We're very open about things, so let us hear what you think.

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Helping Me Heal

'Helping Me Heal' established to help First Responders and Vets deal with PTSD in an alternative manner.

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Lift as you climb

'Lift as You Climb' a non-profit 501c designed to help homeless families find permanent shelter and security'.

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The Giving Water

The Giving Water arranges for businesses, charities and individuals to come together on a bottled water label. This water is attached to charitable community events, The public is able to purchase their bottled water needs from their favorite charity, and those charities receive funds they thought were not possible. Businesses are known to giving, enabling the community to give without sacrifice or burden.

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