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Wedding CheesecakeWedding Cheesecake

Wedding Cheesecake - 1 LB

Indica High THC Content ~16%
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Units in box: 1

About Wedding Cheesecake

Further up the Wedding Cheesecake family tree are OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and the West Coast’s Purple Urkel. There are also some all-time greats - Hindu Kush, Big Bud, and – influencing both sides of the family – Durban, the potent South African sativa. Wedding Cheesecake displays desirable traits from five generations of breeding.

Taste, smell and effect of Wedding Cheesecake

After harvest, dried buds remain large, solid, and sticky with resin. When broken up (or even handled vigorously), they fill the air with the awesome terpene profile inherited from Wedding Cheesecake’s pedigree lineage. The strongest element is inherited from Cheese – a fantastically pungent Skunk with strong, sweet berry overtones. This is accompanied by sharper citrus, plus earthy and woody notes from other illustrious forebears.

It goes without saying that White Label Wedding Cheesecake has an extremely powerful effect, and should be handled with care even by more experienced smokers. On first encounter, it’s advisable to inhale one or two moderate test puffs, then wait a short while to see how strong the effects are.

At any dose this strain’s high is typically warm, positive and uplifting. At medium to high doses, effects can range from heavy, contemplative, full-body relaxation, to sky-high, talkative, creative, and even psychedelic experiences. 

  Hybrid - Indica Dominant
  High Plant


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