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Nicole Hindu KushNicole Hindu Kush

Nicole Hindu Kush - 1 LB

Indica High THC Content ~16%
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Units in box: 1

About Nicole Hindu Kush

White Label Nicole Hindu Kush is a sturdy strain, with dark foliage, strong branching and a heavy central cola. Descended from varieties bred to perform well in a harsh mountain environment.

Taste, smell and effect of Nicole Hindu Kush

This strain doesn’t produce much odour during cultivation, but the dried buds have a rich and complex aroma of sweet sandalwood, with notes of incense and lemongrass.

The effect of Nicole Hindu Kush is most commonly described as relaxing, contemplative and euphoric. Above all else, most agree that it’s very powerful. Inexperienced consumers are advised to sample this strain in moderation, and even cannabis enthusiasts with a high tolerance for cannabinoids should handle it with care. This hybrid’s mostly-indica genetic background means that Nicole Hindu Kush tends to produce high levels of both THC and CBD.


  Hybrid - Indica Dominant
  High Plant


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