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Gelato #420Gelato #420

Gelato #420 - 1 LB

Indica High THC Content ~16%
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Units in box: 1

About Gelato #420

White Label Gelato #420 was created by back-crossing Gelato 33 with our original Durban cultivar and the Hindu Kush strain, which forms the backbone of OG Kush. By returning the Gelato line to its Afghan and African cannabis roots, Gelato #420 gains weight, flavor and even greater potency.

Effect, taste and smell of Gelato #420

Afghan genes from OG Kush and Hindu Kush make deep purple hues quite common in Gelato #420’s mature buds. The resin production is outstanding, giving each calyx a beautiful frosting of golden trichomes.

The growing odor is quite restrained, with the full, complex bouquet of this strain reaching its peak after drying. The most common elements are citrus, mint, and vanilla from the Kush hybrid forebears, plus aniseed, hashish, and sandalwood from the Durban and Hindu Kush cultivars. Uniting all these high notes is a base of smooth, creamy chamomile, most commonly associated with Haze strains. Gelato #420’s aroma profile may bring to mind all the flavors of an ice cream parlor.

Highly potent indica and sativa parents make White Label Gelato #420 a strain that should never be taken lightly. A powerful euphoric body stone is lifted by an intense, creative sativa high. Novices should handle with care, and even experienced connoisseurs should test the waters before diving in.


  Hybrid - Indica Dominant
  High Plant


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