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Girl Scout CookiesGirl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies - 1 LB

Hybrid - 50% Sativa - 50% Indica - Medium THC Content ~16%
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Units in box: 1

About Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies’ parent plants are noted for being low-maintenance, productive varieties, with high levels of THC. This strain retains all these qualities.

Effect, taste and smell of Girl Scout Cookies

After harvest, Girl Scout Cookies’ flowers remain impressively large, due to the fat calyxes from which they’re formed. Even when dry, GSC’s thick coating of trichomes makes buds sticky to the touch. Growers should be aware that they can easily gum up scissors and grinders with THC-rich resin.

This strain’s aroma is subtle until the flower clusters are broken up, releasing their terpenes. Dominant flavors include pine, sandalwood, and rich earth, with a background of fruit, citrus, mint, and aniseed.

The potent Kush background and higher CBD production of Girl Scout Cookies makes it a popular strain in US dispensaries. Many users have reported welcome effects such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, and reduced nausea. Recreational users value GSC for both its full-body relaxation and stimulating, talkative sativa high.

  Hybrid - Sativa Dominant
  High Plant
  Cannabis Cup Winner
  Long Flowering Period
  Feminized Strain
  Sunny Medditeranean 
  Large Yield


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