Hindu KushHindu Kush

Hindu Kush - 1 LB

Indica High THC Content ~16%

About Hindu Kush

A classic, pure indica characterized by its robust nature.

This original, pure indica comes from the Hindu Kush, a remote mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This classic variety owes a number of attributes that are beneficial to growers to its origins in the mountains.

The thick coat of trichomes protect the plant against wind and poor weather. The white, glistening trichomes produce perfect hashish. They can also be enjoyed pure as kief.

Effect, flavor and smell of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush brings a sense of deep peace, which is incredibly relaxing. Only few users report the often unwanted couch lock effect typical of indicas.

Expect a distinctive aroma. It is a combination of aromatic woods and classic Afghan base notes. Many other hybrids are based on Hindu Kush, but the characteristic sandalwood flavour remains unique. There is a sweet note at the start of the flowering time, which, after the buds mature, is transformed into a savory flavor that is immediately recognizable to aficionados. 

  Hybrid - Indica Dominant
  High Plant


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