Banana KushBanana Kush

Banana Kush - 1 LB

Indica High THC Content ~16%

About Banana Kush

Banana Kush boasts some high-quality sativa genetics. These include the legendary Silver Haze crossed with Skunk Kush, and the famously flavorful, mostly-sativa NYC Diesel. Strains of Afghan Kush are also present on both sides of the family tree. Skunk Kush forms an important building block on the paternal side, while the pride of Californian cannabis, OG Kush, is the mother plant used to make Banana Kush.

Effect, taste, and smell of Banana Kush

Banana Kush is indica-dominant. The buds are fat, fruity and fragrant, and sticky with resin glands. They’re also easy to crumble, due to their comparatively small calyxes. Breaking buds up releases the full, complex aroma of this variety. Expect to smell and taste sweet, ripe banana, brown sugar, citrus, and rich, spicy hash. While it’s growing the odor is not overpowering. However, growers should take note that it is likely to increase as harvest approaches.

The effects are mostly indica, but there’s enough sativa to elevate its powerful body-high and make it stand out from other Kush strains. Banana Kush’s warm, relaxing euphoric effect is felt almost immediately. The Haze part of its cannabinoid profile takes effect shortly afterwards, lifting the high and making it more conducive to conversation, laughter and creativity.

  Hybrid - Indica Dominant
  High Plant


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