Thought for the day...

Thought for the day...

Edward Snowden 2021 Will It Be MANDATORY?| It Is...

Edward Snowden 2021 Will It Be MANDATORY?| It Is HAPPENING NOW!!🛎️ For more inspiring and motivation videos please subscribe to our channel:...

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NEWSFLASH: Trickle Down Never Reached the Bottom.…

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#UBI #Med4All #15Min

#UBI #Med4All #15Min :confused:


You are here... at war with yourselves.
~Aliens Observing Earth

You are here... at war with yourselves. ~Aliens Observing Earth
Michael McCarthy shared 3 photos in the Stream Photos album 3 weeks ago

We're all broke and our government wants to close the deficit by making sure we get oil monies from the victims. Disgusting.

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