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Everyone knows and understands the green rush that Cannabis has to offer but there has been an overlooked segment of the Green rush. That’s Hemp products, more specifically CBD oil. With the passage of the farm bill of 2018, hemp and its by products have been removed from the Substance control act (DEA). Hemp can now be grown in all but 6 states in the US and the more well-known product derived from hemp is CBD oil.

CBD is extracted directly from the plant and distilled to a purified oil called distillate. Farmers around the nation are changing over their crops to hemp as the average return per acre is around $375,000 as opposed to traditional crops revenue around $10,000 or less.

Unlike Cannabis based businesses we are not limited to any city, state or municipality. Hemp extraction is a global market. CBD oil is sold in over 125 countries worldwide. With over $521 million in revenue in 2018 the expectation is that by 2021 the market cap will be over $22 billion dollars and in 10 years over 60 billion dollars worldwide. To understand the size of the market in 2018 alcohol sales in the US was $121 B and tobacco was $60 B.

With this emerging market the need to convert this crop into usable oil is doubling at a rate faster than companies can build labs to accomplish this. So, the farmers have traditionally just sold the crops off to Middlemen that then process this into green gold. Now, farmers are looking to try and take advantage of processing and selling the oil themselves. But the challenges of technical expertise, state of the art equipment costs and ability to find buyers for their oil have prevented them from handling the process themselves. Since most permanent facilities handle larger clients and are already at their capacity this leaves the farmers little options…. Until Now.

Hygieia Labs LLC, the “Company”, or “HL”, has certified food grade extraction facilities, currently operational in Placentia, CA, that are run by certified extraction specialists.

We now are expanding and about to offer mobile services where we come out to the client’s location with our completely self-contained units. We start and finish the task of pre-processing and extracting hemp into oil and then help facilitate the sale of that oil. Never does the clients crop leave their property. We offer tolling as well as straight time and material servicing with this division.

Future Drying and Curing Facilities are also planned but not reflected herein. 

The Technology
Based on several years of experience the oil & gas industries, Eco-Logic established a production system of high-quality THC Distillate Oil. Including processes of Solvent extraction, winterization, washing, decarboxylation, concentration and distillation of high-grade THC Distillate Oil. Eco-Logic’s unique process uses a non-flammable solvent giving it a distinct advantage over other processing methods.

Technology Features and Advantages

Cleaner, No Waste, 100% Compliance
• Closed loop extraction process with no discharge
• 100% compliance with all Federal, State and local Building, Fire and Safety Codes, as well as all applicable environmental requirements & standards

Significantly Safer

• Utilizing a non-flammable, FDA approved solvent
• Operating under ambient temperature & pressure
• Far superior with regards to toxicity and safety of Butane and/or CO2 extraction processes High Quality and Efficient Production

The recovered crude oil can be optional fully de-carboxylated/activated

• Crude oil refining under ultra-high vacuum conditions in a first fractional distillation process
• A second fractional distillation produces a purer and more concentrated product
• Followed by specialized adsorption processes for final polishing and stabilization (color & texture)
Quality Assurance/Quality Control

In-house analytical testing equipment and procedures to assure all incoming/outgoing products and processes.

Meet or exceed quality and legal requirements regarding:
• Pesticides safety
• Solvents FREE products
• Microbiological Contamination – Yeast & Molds, Pseudomonas, Total Aerobic Plate Count, E. Coli, Coliforms, Salmonella
• Full Cannabinoid Profile

3rd Party Certification

All of the above will have to be certified by an approved, independent, 3rd party Massachusetts laboratory. Products are quarantined for sales until all products are transported via licensed distribution/transport companies to retailers.

A Complete Deck is available upon request.

An NCND will be required for full package.

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