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First cultivated by Spice of Life Seeds, the strain dubbed Ultimate Indica, which is also referred to as Legends Ultimate Indica, produces scents and tastes that are spicy, sweet, earthen, and woody like cedar or sandalwood.

It’s a pure indica, so consumers tend to note that its effects occur mostly in the body rather than in the mind. Fans of this strain say they like how it may help insomnia, as it sometimes induces sleepiness, couch-lock, and a spacey mindset that go well together when trying to drift into sleep. Some have enjoyed what’s known as a body buzz when trying this strain, which can be highly satisfying for anyone suffering from pain or aches from various conditions. Those that enjoy this strain have also reported it alleviates a stressed-out mind, creating a state of euphoria and lessening anxiety.

When you open up a bag of well-cultivated Ultimate Indica, you’ll be greeted by large, extremely dense buds rich with burnt-orange pistils and a noticeable layer of trichomes that mimic morning frost.

THC levels generally range from the low to high teens, though some batches may turn out to have less or more depending on cultivation techniques used. Ultimate Indica does have higher CBD levels, which may explain why reviewers have indulged in this strain’s reputed capability to alleviate pain and inflammation.

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Los Angeles, California, United States of America
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