3.5g Apples and Bananas

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Apples and Bananas may be part of a balanced diet, but also the name of a balanced hybrid by Compound Genetics in conjunction with Cookies. Apples and Bananas is made from crosses involving multiple strains. First Platinum Cookies is crossed with Grandaddy Purple. This offspring then mates with Blue Power.The result of this is then bred with Gelatti.

The dense and chunky Apples and Bananas buds are made of coiled, olive-green and violet leaves. Long orange pistils appear sparsely, while a coat of white trichome hairs lends the buds a frosted appearance.

Apples and Bananas offers a fruity aroma, rich with apples and spices. The banana is harder to make out in the midst of gassy fumes and a strong pine odor. The flavor of sour apples and spices mix with the funky taste of gas and pine for a unique flavor.

Users have reported a powerful cerebral euphoria, with a numbing body buzz. This versatile hybrid can very easily be used to wake and bake, or as a late night snack.

One user found himself doing some creative writing, another in the gym, and another binge ate.

Reviewers unanimously agreed that the Apples and Bananas strain was strong and not for the faint of heart. Apples and Bananas is a versatile hybrid that reviewers say could fit the needs of many users, especially those looking for potency!

We've found this strain testing at 28.5% THC, so the labs clearly agree.


Los Angeles, California, United States of America
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