Sensi SkunkSensi Skunk

Sensi Skunk

Indica High THC Content ~16%
Description About Sensi Skunk Sensi Skunk citrus aroma differentiates it from other skunk strains, retaining the strong growth shape and high yields typical of Skunk. Effect, flavor and smell of Sensi Skunk With the large, resin-covered buds harvested and dried, you can look forward to a chilled-out high. The indica genes relax tired muscles and act as a balm for stressed minds. Put your feet up and enjoy the calming effect. It’s potent, but not too strong. The taste of Sensi Skunk differs a little from the typical Skunk flavor. Instead of the earthy, some would say garlicy herbal flavor, you can expect the sweet citrussy flavor that lends this strain its compelling freshness kick. The citrus aroma is apparent even during the flowering stage

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  Hybrid - Indica Dominant   High Plant


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