Purple BudPurple Bud

Purple Bud

Indica High THC Content ~16%

About Purple Bud

We drew on the outstanding cannabis heritage of Jamaica and Afghanistan to create Purple Bud. It’s easy to cultivate indoors or out, even in cold climates with summers that end quickly. Low temperatures will actually encourage the plants to become more purple as flowering progresses, resulting in a colorful harvest of dense buds. The effect is a long-lasting sense of cheerful relaxation, perfect for social or solo consumption.

Effect, taste, and smell of Purple Bud

Purple Bud has the classic earthy scent of an indica hybrid, combined with a herbal sweetness and hints of blueberry. This aroma intensifies as the plant enters the flowering period.

Upon consumption, growers will notice that the sweet notes come through strongly, and are balanced with a hint of spice and pine. Some people favor vaping the buds to ensure that the flavors are fully released.

Thanks to its indica / sativa parentage, Purple Bud produces an initial uplifting high. This then smoothly develops into a deeply relaxing feeling, which can last a couple of hours or longer. Some users claim that it’s a good ‘bedtime’ option, as it has a pleasantly soporific effect. However, larger quantities can have the opposite effect and make the mind more active. 

  Hybrid - Indica Dominant
  High Plant


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