Sensi AmnesiaSensi Amnesia

Sensi Amnesia

Hybrid - 65% Sativa - 35% Indica - Medium THC Content ~16%
Description About Sensi Amnesia  Sensi Amnesia is 65% sativa and 35% indica. This strain is sativa-like in appearance, and offers large yields. The high is typically sativa too; cerebral, chatty and uplifting, with a scent that’s earthy and with notes of citrus. Growers can anticipate a longer-than-usual flowering period, and taller-than-average plants.  The strain boasts an impressive gene pool, with its parent-plants being Jamaican Pearl, Hawaiian Indica, and Afghani #1. As this is the feminized version, the seeds will not produce any male plants, which makes cultivation easier. Effect, taste, and smell of Sensi Amnesia This strain is sativa-dominant, and that’s very obvious in the resulting high. Upon consumption, users note an immediate uplift, followed by a sense of chattiness and sociability. It’s an energetic, creative high, and is well-suited to an evening with friends. The sativa influence also comes through in the aroma of the plants, with a scent that’s tropical, citrussy and spicy, softened by a hint of indica dankness and earthiness in the base notes. Expect the smell to grow stronger as the plants reach full maturity – and if growing indoors, make sure the area is well ventilated. Upon consuming the buds, users notice that many of the flavors are still in place, particularly the lemon and spice.  
  Hybrid - Sativa Dominant   High Plant   Cannabis Cup Winner   Long Flowering Period   Feminized Strain   Sunny Medditeranean    Large Yield


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