Description Competitors cannot compare to the flavorful pre-rolled cones from Amsterdam Organics. They have a fantastic flavor profile, and the first time you take a draw, the blueberry flavor will take your breath away. Nowadays, flavoring is mostly found in the rolling papers; with Amsterdam Organics, the flavor is exclusively found in the filter.Before lighting up your joint, simply squeeze and pop the flavor bead; once popped, ignite the joint and take pleasure in the smoke as it passes through the flavored filter, providing you with a delectable hit each time.We have great prices on these flavored cone papers that the competition can't match, so don't miss out. Visit our website to choose the Amsterdam Organics taste that is ideal for you and your business. Size: King Size Flavor: Blueberry Type: Unbleached Pure Hemp Total Length w/ Filter: 109mm Load: Up to 1.5gram Filter Length: 35mm Box Count: 24 Packs/Box , 3 Cones/Pack  


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