Today we begin the Congressional Watchdog Project

'The purpose of this project is to help organize grass roots participation in power.'

As pointed out by Former Presidential Candidate and Consumer Protection Advocate Ralph Nader.

Democracy = Freedom and 'Freedom' is the 'Participation in Power'

We will be seeking volunteers and eventually full positions for all Members of Congress

We feel we will need about 2,500 members per member to put the right pressure on our Representatives

The purpose is to inform others as to Town Hall Events, Rallies and Legislation that the member may be introducing, supporting or not supporting.

We hope to be able to pay full time staff members in each district and or state, protectorate etc to maintain an 'Office of the People', for the purpose of Monitoring an Lobbying our Congressional Delegates.

We feel a 'Go Fund Me' style component is necessary and so we created one. We intend on creating a 'Donate Campaign' for each member of Congress to offset the costs but with the goal of staffing full time a 'Office of the People' in each district in each state

The key to success is organization, this is our first step in organizing.

We will begin with the US Senate and we are currently using Richard Shelby (R) Alabama as a template

Each member of Congress will have a User created for them and offered control of the account. The purpose of the account is to use it to create Events with that will be reflected in their feeds, i.e. Townhall Meeting Tuscaloosa Alabama with Senator Shelby etc. as well as 'Groups' that all members can join to participate in the giving area of interest and or expertise.

As the creators and Managers of this site, we feel it is our 'Civic Duty' to create, edit and maintain this site and we will be focused on organization, i.e. categorizing Events and Groups

For this project to be successful, we will all need to participate and contribute some of our time to our 'Civic Duties'. We have neglected these duties and responsibilities and allowed for the 'Other Guy' to fight our fight. Well the 'Other Guy' lost, fact is he got his butt kicked by lobbyists on 'K' Street.

*NOTE* We're here to talk with each other, not argue, we have differences but if we allow the powers to be to continue to divide us with a few issues we are all either dead set on one way or the other, then we will never participate in power, and we will never be free.

Yes we'll be inviting BLM groups to join, yes we will be asking White Supremacy Groups to join, yes we will be asking police to join and skaters and haters and lovers and Christians and Muslims and Jews and all other of the 4,000 religions mankind practices.

We need to talk America, we cannot continue to bicker over Issues that divide us and never get to the ones we share a common interest in.

We all need healthcare, we need clean water and clean air, we are currently being ruled by 'Corporatists' that have no morals and no understanding of humanity, all they care about is the 'Bottom Line'. Well the 'Bottom Line' is if we don't do something as a people, we cannot expect to even survive, let alone retire or even have a 'Next Generation'.

We may have strong opinions on issues such as reproductive rights, we understand we can't agree on religion and or even gun control, but we have to talk about it. What we are allowing is for the 'Powers that Be' control us through a divisive media, we call upon the media to take a good look at themselves and perhaps see, they have strayed significantly off course. We need a free press in a free society, we are lacking in that area.

In closing, we can only build it, it's gonna be up to you to pitch in and perform your long neglected 'Civic Duties'

We are slipping into Fascism and Fascism was defined 100 years ago by Benito Mussolini who declared 'Fascism is the merger of State and Corporate Power'

We may not be able to control the Corporatists, but we can take our State Power back and elect Representatives that Represent 'We the People' and not the 'Corporatists'.

The Rxgreenthumb Staff